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3 tips to develop products your customers will love

How to develop products your customers will love fast is key to surpass competition, is it as simple as that? If there is something that startups, small business and big companies have in common is that they all need to develop products all the time, but products also need to perform as promised. Efficiency in product development[…]


The art of root cause analysis – All You Need to Know

I like to say root cause analysis is an art, because in my experience, the real problem within any organization is not that we don’t know the solutions, usually the real problem is that we don’t know exactly the real root causes. We tend to be blind to some causes that seem to be obvious[…]


How to organize service companies with 5S

5s is one of the first lean tools that you need to implement if you want to provide a superb service. 5S is the name of a workplace organization methodology, a tool that is implemented in organizations that would like to be lean. Its name is after the five Japanese words that make up the main steps:[…]

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Applying Deming Principles at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

SMED your SME journey applying Deming principles How to build successful business right the first time This a post that was published in the blog.deming.org by Luciana Paulise as a guest contributor. For more than 10 years now I have been helping people to develop their own Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). As a graduate with a[…]


How To Deploy Six Sigma In Small Business

Startup, Small, and medium sized businesses (SMEs) must continuously improve or die. A quality program like Six Sigma becomes critical to ensure sustainability through time. But not all entrepreneurs are aware of the applicability of quality management techniques to small businesses. Most of them thinking it’s only for large companies. About 84% of all U.S.[…]

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Implementing The 5S: First Steps Towards Workplace Efficiency

Implementing The 5S: First Steps Towards Workplace Efficiency 5s is one of the first tools that can be applied in a company that is starting to get into the continuous improvement culture. 5S is a methodology that helps to define the first rules to eliminate waste and maintain a work environment that is efficient, safe[…]

Quality culture in the millenials sharing economy

How to foster quality in the Millennials Sharing Economy

Successful business like Uber and Airbnb prove that the Millennial’s sharing economy is here to stay.  A greater number of customers are able to get services that are more affordable and available for everyone. What about quality on those new offerings? Nowadays you can travel by ride-sharing with Uber, eat at someone else’s house with[…]

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The 8 Lean Deadly Wastes: An Overview

Where Are The 8 lean deadly Wastes? Lean methodologies deal with methods to reduce eight lean deadly wastes in order to be more efficient in serving the end customer. Wasteful activities are process steps that either the customer is not willing to pay for or are not critical to the creation of value for the customer. Elimination[…]