employee engagement

Three powerful tools to engage employees and boost performance

Engaging employees has always been the big question in regards to business management. Many companies promote great analysts to leadership positions, but as we all know just because they are great analysts doesn’t mean they know how to lead. Unfortunately if this action is done without providing any tools to help this leader be more[…]

leadership quality culture

Facing Cultural Barriers by Leaders to Strengthen a Culture of Quality

Company culture is modeled upon top management behavior. How are your leaders strengthen your culture of Quality? Something was not going well at an organization we’ll call Company ABC. It was a small business within the automotive industry in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some improvements were being made, many procedures were being followed, and[…]

Effective quality professionals are leaders

Bill Troy, CEO of the American Society of Quality started a discussion asking if Quality Professionals were also leaders. And my first impression was, “Well… yes we are!”. If I think about the work I do every day with my clients. Most of them are small business owners. Do you know which is the most[…]