hidden wastes

8 hidden wastes impact small business profit

Hidden wastes in our work place becomes so familiar that we fail to see it for what it is. Today’s fragile economic scenario demands high performance, high profits and low expenditure. This means only one thing for SME’s: minimum wastage. And what better way to cut hidden wastes drastically than by implementing Lean Six Sigma[…]


How To Deploy Six Sigma In Small Business

Startup, Small, and medium sized businesses (SMEs) must continuously improve or die. A quality program like Six Sigma becomes critical to ensure sustainability through time. But not all entrepreneurs are aware of the applicability of quality management techniques to small businesses. Most of them thinking it’s only for large companies. About 84% of all U.S.[…]

How new technologies impact quality in SMEs

Implementation of new technologies or ICT (Information and communications technology) has been increasing productivity at work, in large business as well as in small ones. For sure you are already a user of them, let me tell how the work.   Companies are trying to improve, standardize and automate their processes as much as possible[…]

Agile leadership: the future of quality in small business

Reading Laurel Nelson-Rowe post on the future of quality I could learn about the 2015 Future of quality report, and got really interested on the first article “The future of leadership: From Efficiency to Adaptability”, which is a topic I learn about every day in my job as small business consultant. In the past, Ford[…]

Happy National Small Business Week May 4-8

Small businesses allow Americans to be their own boss and improve their lot in life through hard work. Apple, Starbucks, Facebook, Nekter… once they were all small. Your business can be the next one! #HappyNationalSmallBusinessWeek  Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation declaring National Small Business Week to recognize[…]

Deming, Einstein and Paenza ways to encourage STEM

Every small business needs at least once a STEM professional, though is hard to find them in the neighborhood.  To help building stores, measuring errors, installing computers, you name it, though I concur is hard to find them around the corner, unless you are located in Silicon Valley. Thinking in the long term, helping schools[…]

Quality in Latin American Small Business

As American Society of Quality (ASQ) CEO Bill Troy mentioned in his blog Why Should Quality “Go Global”?, thanks to the ASQ and various quality leaders like Deming and Juran that have spread the word, quality has been impressively improved in countries like the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany, England etc.Results are visible in big companies[…]

Reducing variability through experiential training

Variability is everywhere, it’s part of nature. It’s hard to find apples with the same size or even the same flavor, but still we want our products to be delivered to our customers as uniform as possible and ensure quality. Experiential training help employees to correct their behaviors at the right time and the right place.[…]

8 Quality Lessons I learnt from my mother

Have you ever thought your mother or any other relative could teach about quality in your small business? If you start to think about the people you know, there may be a lot, which will teach you quality lessons in day to day things, like my mother. Bill troy, ASQ CEO found inspiration in Secretary Paul[…]

Influential Voice

The good news is that starting November,  Biztorming CEO Luciana Paulise is part of the Influential Voices team for the ASQ (American Society of Quality).This is the new blog developed to provide resources and useful information fro small and medium size business on how to improve continuously their profit and service quality. Welcome!