Motivating millennials with lean and six sigma

A lot is being said about Millennials, the new generation of workers. More than one-in-three American workers today is a Millennial, born between 1982 and 1994.   Now Millenials have already surpassed Generation X to become the largest single demographic of the American workforce, according to new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S.  Census Bureau data.[…]

lean six sigma in manufacturing

Free webinar! Lean Six Sigma in manufacturing

Join the webinar Application of lean Six Sigma in manufacturing, delivered by Luciana Paulise through our online partner Simplilearn. Manufacturing Organizations face rising costs, increasing competition and more demanding customers every day. Learn how Lean Six Sigma can help you  find hidden costs and reduce errors in manufacturing companies. The session will be hosted by quality[…]

hidden wastes

3 tips to develop products your customers will love

How to develop products your customers will love fast is key to surpass competition, is it as simple as that? If there is something that startups, small business and big companies have in common is that they all need to develop products all the time, but products also need to perform as promised. Efficiency in product development[…]


The art of root cause analysis – All You Need to Know

I like to say root cause analysis is an art, because in my experience, the real problem within any organization is not that we don’t know the solutions, usually the real problem is that we don’t know exactly the real root causes. We tend to be blind to some causes that seem to be obvious[…]


How to organize service companies with 5S

5s is one of the first lean tools that you need to implement if you want to provide a superb service. 5S is the name of a workplace organization methodology, a tool that is implemented in organizations that would like to be lean. Its name is after the five Japanese words that make up the main steps:[…]