How new technologies impact quality in SMEs

Implementation of new technologies or ICT (Information and communications technology) has been increasing productivity at work, in large business as well as in small ones. For sure you are already a user of them, let me tell how the work.   Companies are trying to improve, standardize and automate their processes as much as possible[…]

Incorporating quality tools in your daily life: the PDSA and the SoPK

In order to help an organization embrace quality and continuous improvement, even a small business, it is very effective to help people see how they can use simple quality tools in their daily life first, like for example the PDSA Cycle. As Sunil Kaushik mentioned in his blog, he could travelled from India to Egypt[…]

Agile leadership: the future of quality in small business

Reading Laurel Nelson-Rowe post on the future of quality I could learn about the 2015 Future of quality report, and got really interested on the first article “The future of leadership: From Efficiency to Adaptability”, which is a topic I learn about every day in my job as small business consultant. In the past, Ford[…]

Noriaki Kano and the PDCA

How is Mr Kano connected to the PDCA cycle? Noriaki Kano, professor emeritus at Tokyo University of Science, is known forpromoting the methods of Japanese total quality management and for developing the well-known Kano Model on product development and customer satisfaction. He will become the 25th honorary member in ASQ’s history.To honor him, I wanted to[…]

Happy National Small Business Week May 4-8

Small businesses allow Americans to be their own boss and improve their lot in life through hard work. Apple, Starbucks, Facebook, Nekter… once they were all small. Your business can be the next one! #HappyNationalSmallBusinessWeek  Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation declaring National Small Business Week to recognize[…]

Instill a culture of happiness and quality will follow

Google, Zappos and Virgin are convinced that a culture of happiness can change the world by improving profitability and employee performance at the same time. Do you want to know how? In the 80’s Edwards Deming used to say that to achieve continuous improvement: “Management obligations include the following ingredient, I believe: Create a climate[…]

Deming, Einstein and Paenza ways to encourage STEM

Every small business needs at least once a STEM professional, though is hard to find them in the neighborhood.  To help building stores, measuring errors, installing computers, you name it, though I concur is hard to find them around the corner, unless you are located in Silicon Valley. Thinking in the long term, helping schools[…]